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Closing the gap between field and fork

We understand that consumers are increasingly concerned about the origins of their food, particularly following recent food scares and the debate about the methods of modern farming and food processing. Many consumers also feel cut off from the people, places and processes which produce their food.

This has led to many consumers turning to farmers markets, farm shops and local butchers and delis, which bring consumers and producers closer with ‘artisan’, ‘traceability’ and food miles’ as key purchasing factors. May restaurants also differentiate themselves on local, fresh produce, sourced directly from the local farmer or producer.

Fresh Track was established to close this gap and bring the two ends of the supply chain together. We work with British farmers and producers to source great tasting, high quality products which we supply to retail outlets such as farm shops, delis and butchers, restaurants and hotels. This approach helps to add value to their business and delight their customers.

We are driven by our desire to make exceptional artisan produce and high quality meat available to all.

The Great Food Club

The Great Food Club

Fresh Track would like to introduce you to The Great Food Club – a showcase of fantastic, independent and local food and drink businesses.

Visit the website to learn more: www.greatfoodclub.co.uk

Lewis Family Port

Featured Producer - Lewis Family Pork

The pigs are born and bred on a family farm in Herefordshire by a third generation, award-winning farmer. They are 100% pure bred Landrace Pigs bred to give you succulent lean meat.

The animals are reared in accordance with the requirements of The Red Tractor scheme, using cutting edge genetics to produce a lean well conformed carcase and a specialist consultant ensures that the pigs are all in good health.